Orkla launches Paulúns Super Porridge

Orkla launches Paulúns Super Porridge

Nordic food group Orkla is launching a chilled porridge product under the Paulúns brand in Sweden. 

Paulúns Super Porridge is a chilled product, ready to be heated and eaten. With it, Orkla said it is targeting breakfast, lunch and snack-time eating occasions. .

Nina Sandström, marketing manager at Orkla Sweden, said that the launch targeted “more knowledgeable and well-informed consumers” who want meals that “keep energy levels up” and offer other functional benefits. 

The porridge is being launched in two flavours: lingonberry, apple & cinnamon with chia seeds; as well as blueberry, raspberry & vanilla with chia seeds. 

Paulúns super porridge is cooked without added sugar or dairy products and made of only natural ingredients. The porridge is boiled in coconut milk. It has a “high” content of whole grains and contains superbar and chia seeds, which are a natural source of omega-3, antioxidants, fibre and minerals, said Sandström.