Orkla has outlined a zero-deforestation policy

Orkla has outlined a zero-deforestation policy

Orkla has committed to a zero-deforestation goal of 2020.

The Toro meals owner said it aims to "ensure that all important agricultural raw materials are produced in a sustainable manner without causing deforestation by 2020; in the case of palm oil the target date is as early as 2017".

When purchasing packaging and other wood-based materials, Orkla pledged to ensure they do not come from tropical rainforests or other natural forests with high conservation value.

Ellen Behrens, VP for corporate responsibility at Orkla, said: "It is extremely important to preserve the remaining rainforests in order to prevent climate change, preserve unique ecosystems and protect the lives of people living in the forests. Orkla both can and will make a difference by ensuring that no deforestation takes place in our supply chains."

In a statement, Orkla added: "Orkla will actively promote best practices for deforestation-free, sustainable production, and will implement measures adapted to the challenges and possibilities in each raw material chain. We require our suppliers to meet strict standards, and we monitor their adherence to these standards through dialogue and reporting requirements."