An outbreak of classical swine fever (CSF) has been confirmed this afternoon on a single holding in Suffolk. Restriction orders have also been placed on two further holdings in Essex and Norfolk. CSF is a notifiable, highly infectious disease of pigs. The disease cannot spread to humans. The Food Standards Agency advises that classical swine fever poses no risk to consumers. All movement of pigs onto and off the infected premises has been stopped whilst tests are carried out. All pigs that have entered and left the premises in the recent past are being traced and inspected. All 3,500 pigs on the infected holding will be slaughtered. A protection zone of 3km has been placed around the infected premises in which any movement of pigs is prohibited. A wider surveillance area has also been established in which all farms holding pigs will be inspected and kept under surveillance. The cause of the outbreak is yet to be confirmed.To find out more about Swine Fever