The Packaging Education Forum (PEF) has selected H.J. Heinz Company, Pittsburgh, PA, as its Packaging Leader of the Year 2000-2001.PEF will present the award to Heinz on November 7th at the Forum's Leadership Awards festivities. The PEF Board is honoring Heinz as the Packaging Leader of the Year in recognition of the company's many customer-responsive packaging innovations; and the ingenuity, dedication and hard work of the Heinz product manufacturing and packaging professionals responsible for bringing these ideas to market. "Heinz's many packaging advances over the years make it clear that successive generations of Heinz leadership adhere to the ideal of continuous revolution and renewal," commented James E. Scott, PEF Chairman and Director of Package Engineering & Graphics Design at Eastman Kodak Co. "The year 2000 is extremelyworthy of note for Heinz as they introduced several dynamic packaging innovations to the industry."Of the many packaging developments Heinz has introduced in recent years, the PEF considers the following particularly noteworthy in naming the company Packaging Leader of the Year, 2000-2001: