, Inc., the e-commerce solution for the packaging industry, released an expanded and upgraded version of its Net Market site. Among the most notable enhancements are inclusion of Auctions, improved Search function, revised Welcome Page, and direct link to Supplier Storefronts. The Auction feature, currently being utilized for used equipment, is also available for industry professionals to post and purchase excess inventory such as materials, supplies and containers. This new function enables online negotiations and interaction between buyers and sellers, which significantly reduces transaction cost and substantially broadens market exposure. Improvements in the Search function provide for more robust queries, with the ability to find products not only through specific product specifications, but also through key word descriptors. The Search returns a hierarchical ranking of products that best matches the user's requirement for immediate identification of available product options. In addition to the visual enhancements on the Welcome Page, modifications have been made to improve navigation into and throughout the site. Additionally, the site offers a link from a supplier's Web site directly into their corresponding Storefront within The upgrade benefits both buyers and sellers as users now can by-pass the Welcome Page to immediately link into the specific supplier's Storefront. "Our mission is to facilitate seamless information flow and provide integrated services for the packaging industry," says John Eile, President, "Each site enhancement is evaluated and prioritized for that cause, providing the industry with a platform that will help organizations realize the vast benefits of trading on the Web. " In addition to the new site enhancements, offers: