Declining consumption in Peru has depressed pasta sales over the past year. During the first six months of this year, domestic pasta sales declined by 6.4% relative to the same period in 1999. A study recently conducted by Grupo Maximize indicates that Peruvian pasta production will be down about 2.3% this year, relative to the level last year. The two contenders in the Peruvian noodle market are Alicorp and Industrias Teal, which have a combined market share of 98%.

The decline in sales at the national level was driven by a 10.7% price increase during the first eight months of this year. This came at a time when consumer power was on the wane. In order to offset losses in the domestic market, manufacturers are expanding export sales. The value of export sales is expected to rise 11% in 2000 and a similar amount in 2001.

SOURCE: includes information from the article "Produccion de fideos caeria 2.3% este año", Gestion (9 october 2000).