PepsiCo has launched a "100% gluten-free oats" Quaker product in Spain, 18 months after the US group launched its flagship cereal brand in the country.

A PepsiCo spokesperson told just-food today (2 June) the new product is the first Quaker gluten-free product in Spain.

The new product will be available in four varieties: vegan brownie oatmeal and hazelnuts; oatmeal and vanilla with red fruits; oatmeal cookies, honey and ginger; and energetic oatmeal with carrot, orange and ginger.

PepsiCo said the process followed by Quaker to ensure 100% gluten-free "has consisted of a strict process of selection of the oats, discarding grains of other cereals through an exhaustive analysis of density, colour and length".

"More and more Spaniards suffer from gluten intolerance, so with this new launch the brand wants to adapt to the needs of its consumers to continue offering nutritious and energy-packed breakfasts," PepsiCo said.

Erica Lascorz, head of marketing nutrition at PepsiCo, added: "We are very pleased to be able to bring the Quaker oatmeal gluten-free to Spain and bring all the benefits of oats to celiacs or those intolerant [to gluten]."