Perky Jerky eyeing entry in China

Perky Jerky eyeing entry in China

US jerky maker Perky Jerky has said it plans to enter China next month, its latest market in Asia.

The company, which started selling its jerky in Japan and South Korea in October, said it was looking at launching into China sometime in January.

Perky Jerky had not responded to a request for comment on the Chinese cities it is targeting nor on whether it has secured listings at the time of writing.

In a statement, founder and CEO Brian Levin said: "Perky Jerky is proud to be the first American ultra-premium jerky brand to enter Asia, a coveted marketplace with tremendous potential. We are looking forward to building our business in Korea, Japan and China, and collaborating with our partners in each of those regions."

Perky Jerky has claimed to have seen "strong sales" in Japan and South Korea. It has projected sales in the two countries will reach US$3-5m "in the next year".