Robin Whitbread, Sainsbury's retail director said "We are very pleased, and relieved, that food services have been prioritised by government as an essential service to the nation, after emergency services and health. This means that we can now access and direct fuel to the suppliers of our primary food products - milk, bread, fresh foods and baby goods."Yesterday we were extremely busy, similar to a pre-Christmas week, and stocks were depleted severely by the end of the day. However, our distribution network is functioning well and overnight above average deliveries were made to our stores to replenish shelves."Our in-store bakeries worked through the night to ensure availability of our mainstream fresh bread lines' and we are confident, at the moment, that we are able to offer essential products in the majority of Sainsbury's stores. Our business continuity unit has been co-ordinating efforts across our business, helping to stabilise the situation."At the moment we have not introduced rationing on a nationwide basis however, we have authorised store managers to exercise discretion should there be a local need."Our internet site - Sainsbury's To You - is operating effectively and, subject to continued product availability, is getting deliveries through to our customers.