Pink Dot, Inc., a leading direct-to-home/business delivery company, today announced a national expansion that involves opening over 30 new customer fulfillment centers and beginning distribution in such key consumer markets as Baltimore, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Washington, D.C. and other locations by year-end. Pink Dot, founded in 1987, currently dominates the fast-growing direct-to-home/business delivery segment in the twelve-million-consumer Los Angeles and Orange County markets.

In conjunction with its national expansion, the company said that it is changing its name of 13 years to PDQuick(TM) to better reflect its core business model and one of its key competitive differentiators - the delivery of made-to-order meals and popular brands of groceries in minutes. PDQuick's national expansion is being directed by an experienced executive team and board members drawn from such well-known retailing and restaurant innovators as Kinko's, Pizza Hut and Circle K.

Dan Frederickson, Chief Executive Officer of PDQuick, said, "Unlike many of our competitors, we have a business model that is already profitable and built not only on the Internet for successful implementation, but also on a state-of-the-art call center staffed by a dedicated team of operators. We've been in business for 13 years, operating in one of the most competitive markets in the country. No one in our business is set up to do what we already do now - take customer orders by Internet or phone and quickly process and assemble them so that they are ready for delivery in 9 minutes or less."

Mr. Frederickson added, "Our mandate is simple: to redefine the way customers think about `convenience' - and deliver almost anything they want in a hurry to their doorstep in minutes, whether it's made-to-order meals from our kitchens or the most popular brands of grocery and convenience items from our shelves. Our goal is equally simple: to dominate this fast-growing consumer market on a national basis just as we already do in one of the largest consumer markets in the country."

Allan Huston, retired Chief Executive Officer of Pizza Hut and a current PDQuick board member, said, "As former president of Kinko's, Dan was one of the primary movers behind the transformation of the corner copy shop into what Kinko's is today, which has come to redefine convenience and service for millions of businesses and consumers alike. The board has entrusted him with a similar task in direct-to-home/business delivery."

PDQuick At-a-Glance

  • Currently operates 12 customer fulfillment centers in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

  • Currently makes 1.2 million deliveries per year.

  • Each fulfillment center is designed to accurately assemble and have customer orders ready for delivery in 9 minutes or less, regardless of order size.

  • PDQuick delivers most of its orders to customers within 30 minutes.

  • PDQuick's proprietary freshly prepared and made-to-order foods cover all meals, from breakfast, lunch and dinner to snacks, and include freshly prepared salads, sandwiches, pastas, fried chicken and an assortment of breakfast items.

  • Over the next few months PDQuick plans to open approximately 30 new fulfillment centers to serve new customers in Baltimore, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Washington, D.C. and other locations.

  • PDQuick customers can order online ( and by phone (1-888-PDQuick) 365 days a year from early morning to 3am and pay in cash, by check or credit card.

  • Orders are delivered directly from neighborhood PDQuick fulfillment centers by professional delivery people. There is no minimum or maximum order size. For this service, customers are charged a minimal flat processing and delivery charge regardless of their order size.

  • Founded in 1987, PDQuick, an innovator in online and off line convenience shopping and direct-to-home retailing, provides customers with made-to-order everyday meals and thousands of the most popular branded products via the Internet ( by phone at 1-888-PDQuick. PDQuick is committed to offering customers the finest products available and is allied with such category leaders as Campbell Soup, Coca Cola, Haagen Dazs, Ice Cream Partners USA, Jon Donaire, Kraft, McKesson Water Products, Orval Kent, Rich's Products, Suiza Foods and Vie de France, among others.