Point of Sale Limited (NASDAQ:POSI), announced today that Mr. Ian O'Reilly has been named as a director of the company. O'Reilly has an extensive background in IT strategy for the food and fuel industries. He has enjoyed a career spanning twenty-two years with UK food-retailing giant Tesco PLC. The last five years he served as Group IT Director, with responsibility for the worldwide implementation of Tesco's information technology programs. Prior to Tesco, O'Reilly was Programming Manager with Perkins Engines, a diesel engine manufacturer, and an Operations Manager for oil distributors Shellmex and BP. O'Reilly will be assuming his directorship later this month. "We are extremely pleased to have Ian O'Reilly joining Point of Sale's board directors," said Barry Shaked, chairman and chief executive officer of Point of Sale Limited. "During his distinguished career with Tesco PLC, Ian established himself as someone who understands the value that advanced information technology can bring to large, complex retail chains. We believe his insight into the needs of innovative retailers will help Point of Sale to continue to anticipate the needs of our growing customer base."