Italian police have reportedly raided the offices of a number of the county's leading pasta makers in connection with allegations of price fixing.

According to Reuters, the offices of Barilla, De Cecco, Divella, Garofalo and Amato have all been searched, along with the Industrial Union of Italian Pasta Makers (UNIPI).

The news follows previous moves from Italy's antitrust regulator to fine members of the industrial organisation, UNIPI, who were accused of colluding to fix the price of pasta.

A spokesperson for the competition watchdog, Autorita' Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato, confirmed that the firms had previously been fined for "anti-competitive behaviour", but declined to comment on whether its investigation was ongoing.

UNIPI declined to comment on whether it, or any of its members, have been involved in further allegations of price fixing.

However, the spokesperson denied that the union had formed any "collective agreement" to "artificially raise the price of pasta".