Poundland claims to be winning weekly shop

Poundland claims to be winning weekly shop

Poundland has suggested that it is successfully winning over UK consumers, who are going to "extraordinary lengths" to save money on their weekly shop.

The weak economic outlook has made UK shoppers increasingly price conscious and, according to research sponsored by the pound store, this has had a significant impact on shopping habits.

The research found that consumers are more likely to shop around today than they were a decade ago. Poundland's survey revealed that 96% of shoppers will visit up to three different stores a week to "bag a bargain", whereas ten year's ago only 46% of shoppers used to spend five minutes comparing prices between stores.

This growing trend to seek value from different retailers is benefiting Poundland, who offers basics - including milk, bread, eggs, ham and cheese - for GBP1 but whose limited assortment means that it is not a "one-stop-shop".

"Poundland has recently launched its Weekly Essentials Challenge to show shoppers that they can save money by buying weekly shop essentials at their store," a spokesperson for the retailer told just-food.

The company declined to comment on whether it expects people to revert to their "one-stop-shop" ways when the economy revives, but insisted that Poundland is well positioned to continue to prosper regardless of the wider economic outlook.

"If shoppers did resort back to those ways, Poundland will still be successful due to the vast range of products it sells as very competitive prices," the spokesperson insisted.

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UK shoppers spend up to 130 days of their lives bargain hunting
Savvy shopping Brits spend up to 130 days searching for the ultimate deal during their lifetime, according to research revealed today by Poundland. Over 96% of the nation make up to 156 store visits each year in a bid to bag the best prices for their weekly shop, with 20% spending up to half an hour on each shopping trip.
The research of 2,000 UK consumers' weekly shopping habits looked at how we shop today compared with a decade ago, and there's no doubt we are going to extraordinary lengths to save money. Almost half (46%) of customers said they used to spend only five minutes checking and comparing prices 10 years ago, whereas now to get the best bargain:
96% of shoppers scour up to three stores each week
71% of customers wander slowly up and down every aisle
32% go shopping at certain times of day when they know prices will be reduced
A cheeky 13% try haggling the price down
And 5% would even damage an item to get a discount!
Jim McCarthy, CEO at Poundland says: "More than ever, the pressure is on shoppers to make their money stretch further as they spend increasing amounts of time and energy worrying about how to avoid a shock at the till point. Poundland attracts savvy shoppers who know what a real bargain looks like. With every item priced at just £1, we make the weekly shopping easier with no surprises at the checkout."
If savvy saving Brits are really going to get the best price though, they are going to have to be stricter on how they shop. Nearly half (44%) of families said they don't add up the total of their basket as they go around the store and "hope for the best" when they get to the checkout. The same percentage (44%) of shoppers said they write a list before a shopping trip - yet 90% of them don't stick to it. A small 9% take their bargain hunter role very seriously and take a calculator with them shopping to ensure the final amount does not go a penny over the weekly budget.

Original source: Poundland