Premier Foodservice Distributors, Inc. announced today that it has entered into a strategic marketing alliance with Amphire Solutions, Inc., the new B2B e-commerce company formed between Ventro Corporation (Nasdaq: VNTR) and Premier Foodservice Distributors, Inc. is a major force in the food service industry representing more than 150 distributors with $6 billion in food service revenues.Amphire targets the unique dynamics of the food service industry in which distributors deliver food and supplies to restaurants and other food service operators. The industry is highly fragmented, with thousands of suppliers, distributors and operators nationwide, making it an ideal target for the efficiencies of B2B e-commerce. Amphire unites Ventro's B2B e-commerce technology and business operations infrastructure with's distributor-based order-entry solution and industry expertise. Distributor groups such as Premier Foodservice Distributors, Inc. bring extensive industry knowledge and relationships to establish a new online e-commerce solution rapidly. Amphire will link food service distributors with their customers, such as restaurants and schools, as well as with their suppliers, all through the same e-business channels. Premier will work to bring its current distributor members into this new online environment."We are excited to be a partner in Amphire Solutions to help provide the most comprehensive e-business solution for food service," said Doug Polk, executive vice president/COO, Premier Foodservice Distributors, Inc. "The combination of Amphire and established distributor groups such as Premier brings the expertise and strength to rapidly link distributors with operators and suppliers in a seamless system to increase efficiency, service and profitability for all parties."