President Bill Clinton has long championed his brainchild AmeriCorps and its volunteers, and now, Sunrise Organic, America's top organic breakfast cereal, hopes to do for champion volunteers what Wheaties has done for champion athletes. For the first time ever, AmeriCorps, represented by three young volunteers, will be featured on a cereal box. AmeriCorps hopes to recruit 50,000 new members this year, more than the U.S. Marine Corps, and it hopes this first-of-its-kind cereal box campaign--by reaching millions of Americans--will help it reach that goal. The John F. Kennedy legacy includes the Peace Corps, and President Clinton's legacy includes an AmeriCorps flush with members, bipartisan support and funding. "Wherever I go, I try to talk to young people about AmeriCorps, to encourage them to serve. Now millions of Americans will receive the call to service from the breakfast table," President Clinton said of the program. Sunrise Organic cereal will feature three AmeriCorps members on the back panel of the box as a part of its "Planet Partners" program to raise up to $100,000 to promote a healthy planet. Each box of Sunrise contains a code number for consumers to punch in at the Web site. For every code number entered, Sunrise Organic cereal will donate one dollar to AmeriCorps programs. On the Web site consumers help Sunrise Organic determine where the money will go--either to support organic farming or preserve national parks. The box also will provide information to people interested in joining AmeriCorps, and the Web site will feature monthly updates and photographs from the three selected volunteers describing their adventures as AmeriCorps members and progress reports on their current projects. The three AmeriCorps volunteers selected for the cereal box are: