Mintel's Global New Products Database regularly reports on industry trends.  Lynn Dornblaser, Editorial Director, has noticed some interesting developments in the packaging arena. Pack it up If the dress makes the man, then the package often makes the new product. In looking at the products we see every single day, a number of truly unique packages cross our desks.  Making sense of those packages, and finding common themes among them is sometimes a challenge.  "Sometimes we have a bit of an 'aha' moment, as we look at a group of new product packages and wonder why we never saw that before.  For example, when we say the first zip-type closure on shredded cheese, we thought it was clever and innovative.  When we say the same concept applied to snack mixes and other salty snacks, we had our 'aha' moment. Finally, we thought, true reclosability comes to products you probably shouldn't eat at one sitting," comments Lynn Dornblaser.   We've taken a close look at recent product packages, and have two big trends to discuss.