Kellogg is endorsing the UK's National Breakfast Week. With Britons increasingly neglecting breakfast as time pressures take their toll on daily life, there is both a commercial and social need for Kellogg to promote the meal's importance. The firm's involvement in the breakfast awareness campaign seems opportune, as it stands to gain from consumers' increased awareness of the nutritional benefits of the occasion.

According to Datamonitor, British consumers are more likely than their European counterparts to miss breakfast, having skipped the first meal of the day 113 times on average last year. By 2008, it is expected that the average Brit will skip another seven more breakfast occasions annually.

Kellogg's current National Breakfast Week push is in recognition that consumers' are increasingly becoming "habitual skippers" of what is often considered to be the most important meal of the day.

Kellogg is using the promotion, which runs from 6-10 September, to put the emphasis on time saving measures to ensure that more consumers, especially those with young families, can free up more time to prepare and consume breakfast. There will be a strong focus on the nutritional importance of the occasion itself: Kellogg's website literature claims that "eating breakfast can provide a real boost to our body's daily vitamin and mineral needs".
Kellogg's multimedia drive has focused on mothers, using broadcast, print and online activity to promote the health and nutritional benefits of having breakfast. This week will herald the launch of an online microsite that includes tips on saving time in the mornings and a lifestyle survey linked to a consumer competition.

As children go back to school, the timing of the campaign should be highly effective. The start of the new school year is one of the most stressful times in the family calendar. Suddenly, after a six-week escape from reality, the hectic pace of modern life returns with a vengeance as time poor young families readjust to the daily routine.

Research shows that the major reason that consumers skip breakfast is because of intense time pressures that are particularly apparent in the morning. Consumers in general recognise the nutritional importance of breakfast, and Kellogg's timely reminder to the nation means it is likely to benefit from a renewed interest in breakfast just as much as the bleary-eyed families.

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