Millions of Americans will soon be able to cut back on carbohydrate consumption without giving up pizza, bread, cookies, bars, or even cheese puffs. This is due to Betafoods Corporation's new technology, named Structured Protein™, which allows for a food structure, such as a loaf of bread or biscotti, to be built from isolated protein (soy, whey, etc.) versus a carbohydrate source (wheat flour, rye flour, sugar, etc.). The technology is viewed as a "platform" for it allows food products to be built nutritionally around the Structured Protein™ base. Betafoods sees the technology having an immediate impact on niche markets such as low carbohydrate diet foods, protein bars, and diabetic foods. However, the company believes the biggest opportunities lie ahead in the mass market and food service categories for nutrition and diet are becoming very important to everyone, old and young alike, for health and weight purposes.