Big Bear Limited has acquired the Sugar Puffs breakfast cereal and Harvest Cereal Bar brands from Quaker.

Launched in 1954, Sugar Puffs is a household name in the UK and is today ranked tenth in the GBP1.3bn (US$2.4bn) ready-to-eat cereal category. Its market share in the UK childrens' segment is 12% - the fourth largest brand.
Big Bear said that it plans to build on Sugar Puffs' current success by making it more appealing to a wider range of age groups. Big Bear said that it plans to reengage with the adult market and emphasise the product's positive attributes, such as "nutritional value" and "natural origins". 

Big Bear also said that it intends to use the potential of the iconic Honey Monster mascot by extending the brand into complementary markets and categories. 
Sugar Puffs also has a strong presence in Scandinavian markets. With a 12% share of the local market, Denmark is Sugar Puffs' largest export market. Altogether, Scandinavian markets account for some 20% of current production.

Commenting on the acquisition, Mario Giannotta, MD of Big Bear, said: "We are delighted to have acquired Sugar Puffs, a household name in the UK. We have big plans for the brand including extending it into new and exciting product areas. We look forward to building on Sugar Puffs' success and ensuring that it remains one of the UK's favourite brands."

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