Real Beer, Inc. (, of San Francisco, the dominant global leader in all things related to beer on the Internet, and ( of Redmond, Washington, the largest Internet-based beer club, announced plans to merge operations.

The new company, to be named L.L.C., is designed to provide the ultimate beer experience on the Internet, establishing a community of impassioned beer lovers and locating and arranging the delivery of some of the rarest beers in the world. The company generates revenue from nearly every segment of the beer market.

Pat Hagerman, President of Real Beer, Inc., summarizes the synergies gained through the merger: "Beyond e-commerce logistics, the biggest challenge Internet retail sites face is member acquisition. With 350,000 loyal users and a growing number of new users visiting the site each month, Real Beer has tackled that challenge. The World Beer Tour commitment to an incredible consumer experience and sophisticated approach to the regulatory and cost issues of Internet beer delivery brings a new depth to the beer experience. If Real Beer is all about sharing a passion for interesting brands and discovering new tastes, the merger with World Beer Tour literally brings that experience home."

Mark Silva, CEO of Real Beer, Inc., says, "This merger extends our commitment to delivering an intimate, branded consumer experience in our vertical portal while also realizing significant high-margin revenue increases by bringing consumers and beer together. Thanks to our five-year lead in building a tremendous content base, wherever you find beer information on the Internet, you find Real Beer. With this merger we can now help consumers find those beers as well." Silva adds, "We are pleased to join up with a company that shares our vision. That vision begins with world class people, provides an unsurpassed user experience and is committed to a leadership role in the beer category."

"It's really a situation of one plus one equals three," said Robert Imeson, President of "Real Beer's audience and content combine with's exclusive import/distribution relationships to ensure that we provide the beer consumer the ultimate beer experience."

With the worldwide specialty beer category representing an $8 billion industry, the combined companies find themselves poised to dominate a substantial market. Current revenue streams include advertising, sponsorships, transaction fees on beer sales, beer club memberships, merchandise sales and subscriptions. Additionally, the new company will be able to access revenue streams historically serviced by mass media, brick and mortar retailers and other traditional industry suppliers, either directly or through strategic relationships.