, the world's first "pizza portal," opens the oven door for the first time to online pizza ordering, ready to satisfy Reno area pizza-lovers' cravings for a fast, accurate and convenient way to order their favorite pizza brands.Participating with popular pizza chains -- Round Table Pizza, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars and Domino's -- features proprietary single-screen technology so "Ordering is Easy as Pie(TM)." Hungry pizza eaters will no longer have to endure the dreaded "Please hold," and they can be sure their order is right because they'll be entering it. It's farewell to coupon-stuffed kitchen drawers, too. Instead of clipping, consumers will be clicking instant pizza coupons right on the site, taking advantage of daily brand-specific and promotional founder Kevin McCurdy, a pizza fanatic and Internet guru, invented the concept of a pizza portal after he moved to the Bay area in 1998 and -- stomach rumbling -- tried unsuccessfully to order a pizza online."I realized there was a need not being met," said McCurdy, already a big cheese after founding (now iPIX -- Internet Pictures Corporation) and with a reputation for creating exciting new uses for the Internet. "I wanted to give America a faster, easier way to order pizza using the Internet. is the quickest way to feed this country's passion for its favorite food."To satisfy their pizza needs, consumers go to