A comprehensive report in preparation by Innovest Strategic Value Advisors Inc., will present an argument in support of the linkages between superior environmental performance, competitiveness and superior financial performance in the agribusiness and food companies. As part of their investment advisory services, Innovest Strategic Value Advisors Inc. has analyzed over 60 different aspects of environmental management in leading global agriculture and food companies. Among the companies analyzed, their research shows that wide variations exist in environmental risk exposure and management capability to manage risk and capitalize on environmentally-driven business opportunities.This extensive review of global competitors in the food production industry as well as food retailers, will give strategic investors a comprehensive overview of how environmental issues will affect investment decisions relating to companies involved in agribusiness, food processing and food retailing. Results from the report will be discussed at a one-day forum entitled Moving the Markets: Profiting from the Growth of Food and Agri-Tech Companies, www.movingthemarkets.org, in Toronto on December 5th, 2000. Moving the Markets speakers will also focus on the impact of technology in creating both environmental risks and reward opportunities that will have significant effects on the long-term financial performance of agriculture and food companies.Major issues covered in Innovest's report are: