Today Representative Charles Canady was presented the Sam R. Whitney award for contributions to food safety at the annual stockholders meeting of Food Technology Service. His tireless support and promotion of food irradiation within the Federal government has helped gain approval of poultry and red meat for irradiation pasteurization. Last fall he authored a bi-partisan letter to the FDA requesting federal funds be allocated for consumer education about food irradiation. Representative Canady supports irradiation because of the importance the application of this process will have for the general health of the public, most especially the very young and the growing retired population of the nation. "Food Technology has set the highest standards in this regard," said Representative Canady. The Sam R. Whitney award is given annually to the individual that has been most beneficial to the advancement of the protection of the public through the application of irradiation pasteurization. The award was named after the late founder of Food Technology Service, a respected Florida pioneer in business innovations. A statement from U.S. Congressman Charles T. Canady follows: