Fruit research organisation Hort Research has developed a more convenient form of kiwi fruit.

Also known as the Kiwiberry or Baby kiwi, Actinidia arguta is a small sweet kiwifruit with edible skin, the company said. This allows the entire kiwifruit to be easily eaten whole resulting in less mess for consumers and increased sales opportunities for retailers.

 With one of the world's most extensive kiwifruit germplasm collections, HortResearch's new Kiwiberry selection is a result of the largest kiwifruit breeding programme undertaken worldwide. Actinidia arguta is grown similarly to other kiwifruit species - on a vine that is trained on a pergola trellis structure. One of the key considerations in growing the kiwiberry is good wind protection and development of a strong canopy to avoid fruit damage and sunburn. To date, the main limitation of Actinidia arguta is its relatively short storage life. However, HortResearch is currently commercializing a mid-season maturing selection which is apple-shaped, weighs around 10-12 grams and can be stored at 0°C for up to 8 weeks.