Retalix, provider of integrated enterprise-wide software solutions for the global food retail industry, has announced that its subsidiaries StoreAlliance and Tradanet Electronic Commerce Services will be combining their operations. The two retail e-commerce entities will come together under the name StoreNext.

Retalix's web-based StoreAlliance venture has created a successful e-commerce community within the Israeli retail private sector, while Tradanet operates a similar service for the Tier-1 marketplace. According to StoreNext CEO, Moshe Shtoltz, unifying operations was "an entirely logical step, given the unique synergies between our two organisations. The successful integration of our companies is allowing us to offer even greater benefits to all retailers, chains and suppliers in Israel."

The company also announced that StoreNext has launched an innovative new service designed to notify food and other Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) suppliers when a store is either running low or out-of-stock of a particular product.

The "Stock-Out Alert" service collates sell-out data from Israel's two leading supermarket chains, Supersol and Blue Square, and the hundreds of independent supermarkets that make up Retalix's online e-community program. The information is transmitted to suppliers via e-mail or an SMS message. The information is then stored in a database, making it possible to analyse sales trends and report on the frequency of particular sales outages. The new service will be available to over 700 stores, representing around 60% of total sales for most suppliers.

Shtoltz noted that stock shortages on FMCG goods are equivalent to lost sales opportunities of around 4%. "An empty shelf is a major concern for both retailer and supplier because it means loss of potential revenue. Stock-outs also frustrate the consumers who needs to compromise on the choice of product or shop elsewhere. Consequently, they feel short-changed by the level of service they received."

In addition to the "Stock-out alert" service, StoreNext has launched a wide variety of marketing and operational information services for suppliers including:

*Promotion and advertising effectiveness based on daily sell-out data from hundreds of stores
*sales data analysis for assessing the effectiveness of sales and distribution systems
average retail prices analysis
*execution and follow-up on promotions in the private sector
*an electronic products catalog featuring tens of thousands of items from suppliers.