On the occasion of the retirement of our long-standing director of trade (Handelsvorstand), Otto Kalmbach (64), the Supervisory Board of Rewe's Cologne-based corporate organizations (Rewe-Zentral AG and Rewe-Zentralfinanz eG) has expanded and restructured the Rewe Board of Management within the framework of its executive management. Executive managers, Gisela Schmitt (49, Marketing, Food), Hans Schmitz (50, Large areas, Specialised Discount Stores, Non-food), Gerd Bruse (50, Business Management, Finance, Tourism) and Dr. E. Dieter Berninghaus (36, Foreign Business, E-Technology) were appointed to the Rewe Board of Management on July 1, 2001. Executive managers, Karl Adolf Fürbeth (52, Logistics, Organisation, Discounting, Information Processing), Horst Rompcik (63, Human Resources, Legal Affairs), Andreas Toth (61, Controlling) and Gert Ziegelmeier (59, Overall Product Range) continue to report to Rewe Board of Management Chairman Hans Reischl (61). Emil P. Heinz (62, Consumer Electronics) will, in the future, report to Mr. Schmitz, while Klaus Trück (57, Finance) reports to Mr. Bruse. Erwin Holzschuh (56, Auditing, Auditing Service) is attached to the Rewe executive management as Chairman of the Rewe Audit Association.