Rhodia Silicones' UV/EB Silcolease® epoxy release coatings have been cleared for use in food-contact applications. Rhodia is the only supplier that offers a Silicone UV/EB curable release coating in full compliance with U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines for direct food contact. Extensive testing by a third-party laboratory demonstrates the migration of the coating components is below the threshold detectable level of 50 parts per billion. At these sub-threshold levels, the coatings are no longer considered food additives and are determined to be in full compliance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and all applicable food additive regulations. Rhodia's UV/EB epoxy release coatings may be used on polyester film and paper in food-contact applications for all food types and all conditions of use, including microwave heating. Rhodia's UV/EB Silcolease® epoxy coatings are available as the release surface for direct or indirect food-contact applications, including food processing, packaging and labeling. Also, while FDA compliance may not be a prerequisite for use in medical devices, providing FDA compliance does facilitate the qualification process in medical applications. For more information about Silcolease® release coatings for food contact or medical applications, contact Rhodia Customer Service at 803/329-5260, or visit the company's website at