Three of the roasted seed and nut suppliers that have been protesting against charges imposed by Carrefour in China have resumed shipments after individual negotiations.

The three suppliers conducted the separate negotiations after intermediaries from the Shanghai Seed and Nut Roasters Association (SFNSA), on behalf of the eleven affected roasted seed companies, failed to make any headway with the French retailer.

The dispute goes back to last June when suppliers began protesting against extra fees, as well as an initial “entry” fee, imposed by Carrefour. Two rounds of talks were held but yielded nothing and the situation remained deadlocked. Along the way other state bodies got involved in the dispute including the China General Chamber of Commerce Retail Supply Traders Commercial Committee, the Ministry of Commerce, the Beijing Commercial Committee and the Shanghai Commercial Committee.

While negotiations were going on, stocks of melon seeds, peanuts and other seeds, all popular snacks in china, ran out at stores as SFNSA stopped selling their products to Carrefour’s 34 stores nationwide.