Robert Wiseman Dairies is launching a GBP1m (US$1.6m) TV campaign for its 1% fat milk brand, 'the One'.

Running from 18 November, the campaign stars "highflying" purple and white cows and a farmer, who together run 'the One' dairy - taking out the fat, but keeping in the taste of the 1% fat milk, the company said.

The animated campaign is expected to boost sales of 'the One', which grew by 40% last year, Wiseman said

The campaign follows the introduction of new purple labelling under the line: 'Pick up the purple. The easy way to get less fat in your life.'

"The One is Britain's biggest 1% fat milk brand, and with living well and living better at the forefront of consumers minds, this is a product for the moment," said Sandy Wilkie, Wiseman's sales and marketing director.

"1% fat milk is now regarded as the fourth fresh milk category and 'the One' is being positioned alongside skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole milk on the shelves.