Ross Systems (Nasdaq: ROSS), a leading supplier of enterprise management software and e-business solutions, announced a contract with food manufacturer, Litehouse Inc., to implement the first phase of their e-business solution. This phase includes PriceLink, a deals and promotions engine, and iRenaissance.portal, a browser-based client for the iRenaissance ERP system.PriceLink is a new Ross Systems offering that enables companies to automate the process of entering complex orders involving promotional pricing and discount calculations. Other PriceLink benefits include improved price accuracy, improved tracking and controls of deduction verification, approval and processing. PriceLink also helps a company structure and organize promotions data so it can be used for management and analysis, automated simulations, and testing and implementation of deals and promotions.iRenaissance.portal features shortcuts that deliver easy access to enterprise applications, desktop productivity tools and critical business data. Essentially, iRenaissance.portal is a user's gateway to all the enterprise's technology offerings, including financials, fulfillment, manufacturing, maintenance, transportation, advanced planning, human resources and payroll. Companies with iRenaissance.portal client can also deploy the iRenaissance.thinX html-based client for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer.