UK supermarket group Sainsbury's has launched an advertising campaign aimed at promoting its ethical credentials.

The 'Our values make us different' campaign was launched in the national press this month and features a series of adverts through which the retailer aims to convey its values, and particularly how it extends a socially responsible approach across a whole product range.

For example, Sainsbury's points out, all its bananas are Fairtrade and all its children's confectionery lines are free from colours and flavourings.

The campaign also stresses that these values are in Sainsbury's "heritage and DNA", while emphasising that the retailer's approach in areas such as sourcing from sustainable fish stocks, compostable packaging and nutritional labelling, was ahead of its time.

With the campaign, which also includes a TV ad featuring celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, Sainsbury's is looking to assert itself on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) front, following prominent initiatives by rival food retailers such as Tesco and Marks & Spencer.