Sainsburys has launched a chilled range into its stores

Sainsbury's has launched a chilled range into its stores

UK retailer Sainsbury's is to launch a range of on-the-go lunch options in a bid to tap into the demand for street food in the country.

The chilled range will comprise wraps, salads and flatbreads inspired by food from the around the world, the retailer said today (8 April). Products include Jamaican Jerk Chicken wrap and Pad Thai King Prawn and Chicken Street Salad.

The by Sainsbury's street food range has an RRP of between GBP2.80 (US$4.29) - GBP3.50 and will be in-store from 29 April.

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Sainsbury’s rolls out Street Food range

Sainsbury’s will launch a range of on-the-go lunch time options this month, inspired by the growing demand for street food in the UK. Available in wraps, salads and flatbreads, the brand new chilled by Sainsbury’s street food range includes foods from around the world, giving customers the choice of global flavours in a convenient bite.

From aromatic Indian inspired flatbreads and salads, which capture the fresh tastes of Asia, through to wraps showcasing the hot flavours of Jamaica. The new additions include a standard sized Jamaican Jerk Chicken wrap cut in two, or a single burrito style Street Wrap available in the following varieties:

Indian Prawn – A slightly sweet, spiced dhal combined with king prawns, crunchy vegetables and hot tomato and chilli sauce on a delicious tortilla wrap Moroccan Chicken – Succulent British chicken breast is paired with a rich harissa dressing, chickpeas, apricots, crunchy vegetables on a tortilla wrap for a satisfying taste of the souks Singapore Noodle – This wrap combines thin rich noodles, curry powder, pork, prawns, spring onions and coriander in a tortilla wrap for a spicy, flavourful experience

Other products include Flatbreads such as Ras el hanout chicken with tabbouleh, Keralan Spiced Vegetable and Chilli Cheese & Bean. For those wanting a healthy kick injected with flavour, the Street Salads include flavour combinations of South Indian Chicken & Vindaloo Chickpeas, Pad Thai King Prawn & Chicken, and Falafels with Herby Tabbouleh.

The by Sainsbury’s street food range will come in pink, vibrant packaging, aiming to appeal to customers looking for an exciting, fresh and innovative lunch time option. Prices range from £2.80 - £3.50, in-store from 29th April 2013.

Paul Morgan, Sandwiches and Sushi Buyer at Sainsbury’s says: “Street food is on-trend at the moment, however this exciting, on-the-go type of cuisine has been around for hundreds of years. The new street food range offers all the vibrant flavours you’d expect while being convenient for busy people who are short on time”. ---- Ends ----

Notes to Editors:

The full by Sainsbury’s street food range includes:

· Indian Prawn Street Wrap, £3.50 – 110 stores · Singapore Noodle Street Wrap, £3.50 – 110 stores · Moroccan Chicken Street Wrap, £3.50 – 110 stores · Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wrap, £2.80 – 236 stores · Keralan Spiced Vegetable Flatbread, £2.80 – 225 stores · Chilli cheese and bean Flatbread, £2.80 – 225 stores · Ras El Hanout Chicken Flatbread, £2.80 – 225 stores · Pad Thai King Prawn and Chicken Street Salad, £3.00 – 230 stores · South Indian Chicken & Vindaloo Chickpeas Street Salad, £3.00 – 466 stores · Falafels with Herby Tabbouleh Street Salad, £3.00 - 231 stores

· We encourage our customers to lead healthier lifestyles, balancing the food they eat with the exercise they take. · Sainsbury's is committed to providing customers with clear and transparent labelling, to help them make informed choices about the food and drink they buy.


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