Australian seafood company Sam's Seafood has said it plans to open 20 fastfood franchises in Australia over the next year.

The Brisbane-based company said it would open its first fastfood outlet in Brisbane's central business district on 1 November, with two more outlets in and around Brisbane to open shortly after. The company then plans to expand to other cities in Australia, before eventually considering expansion to London and New York, reported the Australian Associated Press.

The company's chairman, Grahame Denovan, said Sam's had thoroughly researched its decision to move into franchising.

"It is a fairly big issue to us, we have looked into it very thoroughly," Denovan told AAP.  

"We have looked at what is available in Australia as far as fastfoods are concerned, and when you look at fish and seafood, there is not a lot of it around in the takeaway side of things other than the traditional fish and chip shops.  

"This is quite different. It will be a very simplified menu, with a couple of different styles of fish, and obviously chips and prawns and squid rings and maybe fresh seafood platters for people to take home at night for dinner," he added.