Swedish food group Sardus has announced the termination of a total of 30 jobs at its Sardus Chark & Deli subsidiary.

The company said the move is a result of the previously announced 1 February merger of the Pastejköket and Charkdelikatesser businesses to form Sardus Chark & Deli. The merger was implemented in order to enhance the efficiency of operations through coordinating administration and sales, among other areas.

The main reason for the merger is that convenience store chains are increasingly demanding larger and more complete suppliers. Price competition has also intensified as a result of many low-price players having entered the market, Sardus said.

Sardus Chark & Deli will have its head office in Helsingborg, where is parent company Sardus is also located. Some of the office activities will continue to be based in Tranås, but the office in Halmstad will be closed.