Cecinas Winter will achieve end-of-year sales of US$47m, according to general manager Antonio Simonetti. This represents an 18% increase on 1999 and 20% increased volume to 24,000 tons of meat products. Simonetti predicts sales to increase by a further 13% in 2001.The family-owned company, founded 60 years ago, holds a 15% market share in sales of cured- and sausage-meat, and its 10,000m² food plant processes 3m kilos of meat products per month. From the company's range of 100 products, a type of frankfurter, vienesas, is the most popular, representing 30% of all sales. Other principal products are Mortadella (17%), ham and longanizas, spicy pork sausage, (15% each), and pate (10%).In 2001, the company plans to invest US$3m in its technology and distribution network. Simonetti says the company has applied to the