Coffeehouse chain Seattle's Best Coffee (SBC), a subsidiary of restaurant giant AFC Enterprises, has launched a loyalty incentive to reward customers for their repeat visits as a value added to their Seattle's Best Card.

With this programme, for every ten visits to a Seattle's Best Coffee cafe, when customers use their Seattle's Best Card for a minimum transaction of US$2.50, they are eligible to receive a free beverage.

The credit card terminal automatically counts and tracks the number of visits. On the tenth transaction a receipt is generated indicating the guest receives a free drink on his or her next visit.

"This is the first time a repeat visit reward incentive has been built into a stored-value coffee card," said Steve Schickler, president of Seattle Coffee Co, SBC's parent company: "We're proud to be the first major specialty coffee company to reward our most loyal guests with this new coffee card technology.

"Our guests asked us for a repeat incentive and we are happy to honour their request with this card."