Waistlines continue to grow with 55 percent of the American adult population now overweight, according to recent government statistics. The federal government has declared an obesity epidemic. However, a new national survey reveals that some Americans are losing weight successfully.The survey, recently released by the Calorie Control Council, reveals that one-fourth of the population is currently on a diet and another 47 percent are making a conscious effort to control their weight. This means that more than 124 million Americans (over the age of 18) are trying to either lose or control their weight. And with some success -- almost two-thirds of dieters have lost at least ten pounds in recent months. The Council, a non-profit trade association, has tracked dieting trends for over 20 years.So what are the secrets of these successful dieters? Men and women alike feel that in order to watch their weight they need to pay attention to both fat and calories. Additionally, the top five most popular ways of losing and controlling weight are: