Brittany-based food group Société Industrielle Laitière du Léon (SILL) has acquired dairy firm Laiterie de Saint-Malo (LSM) for an undisclosed sum.


SILL has purchased LSM's entire capital from its founders, the Gizard family and Laiterie Nouvelle de l'Arguenon, a subsidiary of the Coopagri and Terrena cooperatives.


"The synergies expected should allow for the creation of a joint sales force for fresh dairy products, an optimisation in the promotion of powdered milk in France and abroad and important growth prospects," SILL said. 

With an annual turnover of almost EUR85m (US$115.4m), LSM manufactures a range of products including yogurts, fromage frais and fresh cream. It is also a major supplier of powdered milk to chocolate makers, producing around 20,000 tonnes annually under the Hatmaker brand.