New foods and beverages for single-person households and healthier kids' fare are emerging as powerful trends, according to a new report.

Factors contributing to smaller serving items are shrinking households in developed countries and the continuing quest to manage weight, according to the Datamonitor study. The success of 100-calorie snack packages and a focus on portion size in various diet regimes and restaurant menus will continue this tendency.

Datamontior also predicted that the sharp curtailing of advertising to children, particularly with voluntary industry pledges and moves by individual corporate media giants like Disney, will lead to the marketing of more healthful items that gain approval from parents and advocacy groups. Moreover, healthier school fare across the board in North America will cross over to healthier offerings in foodservice and vending for kids. Items containing antioxidants, probiotics, high fibre, and low-glycemic foods will continue to rise in popularity and will continue to be marketed prominently.