US dairy processor Smith Dairy Products Co. has launched a range of frozen Greek yoghurts under its Ruggles brand.

Smith Dairy said yesterday (5 January) that the range of "low-fat" yoghurts comprised six flavours, including honey and blueberry.

Sales of Greek yoghurt have soared in the US over the past two years and Ruggles director of marketing Penny Baker said the product had been "one of the most exciting trends in the dairy case".

Baker said: "Our new product is sure to appeal to families who are more health-conscious and have driven the steady gains in the traditional yoghurt market. Greek frozen yoghurt is a really exciting 'better for you' frozen dairy dessert option that is already gaining popularity in part due to the self-serve frozen yoghurt shop craze.

The Ruggles products will be available in pint size, with a suggested retail price of US$4.99 and single-serving 4-ounce cups at a suggested retail price of US$1.49.