French catering giant Sodexho Alliance has been awarded a contract to provide services during the construction of a nickel mine in Goro, New Caledonia.

Revenue from the contract is expected to amount to more than €20m.

Drawing upon its extensive experience and world leadership in remote site management, Sodexho Alliance is providing a portfolio of more than 40 services, ranging from laundry to recreational facilities management, designed to improve the quality of daily life for everyone living on the site.

The Goro Nickel construction camp will employ some 2,500 people over 32 months.

Over the next few months, Sodexho will be involved in setting up micro enterprises to promote the development of local farming, livestock raising and other businesses. The goal is to get these enterprises up and running so they can provide essential goods and services once the mine begins operations three years from now.

"Hiring people from the local area will be a priority, just as it has been in Alaska, Canada, Peru and Tanzania," said Nicolas Japy, head of Sodexho's Remote Site Management business. "We'll be working with specialized organizations to train our multi-service teams. We also want to contribute to the economic development of the regions in which we operate."