Special K gets new recipe

Special K gets new recipe

Kellogg is changing the recipe of its Special K products on sale in the UK with the introduction of a more "wholesome" recipe that contains three grains instead of two.

The reformulation is the first time the UK Special K recipe has been changed in 30 years. It will contain rice, wheat and barley and is a source of fibre as well as eight vitamins.

The company said the change was not taken "lightly" and was introduced in test markets in Spain and Italy last year, where it saw sales growth of 10%.

Kellogg said the move was "massive news" that would allow the brand to reach out to new and lapsed users, driving incremental growth in the category.

The breakfast cereal category has come under increasing pressure, as the development of flexible eating patterns mean more and more consumers are becoming "breakfast skippers". Cereal makers have looked to turn the tide on this trend through innovation and marketing that highlights the healthful benefits of eating breakfast.

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CEREAL giant Kellogg's has announced it is giving its biggest brand, Special K, a "flakeover".

For the first time since 1983, Kellogg's is changing Special K with a new renovated more delicious and wholesome recipe.

The new recipe contains the benefit of three grains (previously two) - rice, wheat and barley, and is now made with wholegrain and is a source of fibre as well as 8 vitamins and minerals.

Special K is looking to give weight watching women a more wholesome and tastier proposition through the changes, which will be communicated with a new pack design and a £5m integrated marketing plan.

As Kellogg's biggest brand in the UK, the move hasn't been taken lightly and the new recipe was introduced into test markets in Spain and Italy last year, were it proved a great success resulting in 10pc growth and effectively turned around the brand performance.

The new flake will be introduced across the Special K range of variants and will be in store from Aprilonwards with communications starting in June for three months.

Pete Harrison, marketing director for cereal at Kellogg's, said: "This change is massive news for Special K - we haven't changed the food on the brand since 1983. Obviously a lot has changed since then so it is definitely the right time for this renovation. The new flakes have already proved a big hit on the continent and we are confident UK consumers will love the new wholesome look and taste of the new Special K.

"As well as growing the Special K brand by appealing to new and lapsed users, the move will also help retailers grow the cereal category by driving sales and excitement. Such big news merits equally weighty support which is why we are investing £5m in communicating this change through advertising, media partnerships, digital activity and our biggest ever programme of sampling and experiential activity for the brand."

Special k was launched in the UK in 1959 as a high protein cereal made with rice aimed at men as a healthier alternative to a cooked breakfast. In 1983 the product recipe was changed to rice and wheat and brand positioning changed to focus more on weight watching women.

Today the brand is worth £140m and offers a range of cereal and sweet and savoury snacks as well as a weight management tool www.myspecialk.co.uk .


Original source: Kellogg