Real Food Direct has launched an exciting new website, though to be the first in the UK to supply a comprehensive range of British "delicatessen and farm-shop style" food to on-line shoppers. The website is very easy to use and can be found at

The product range includes organic preserves, puddings, sauces, cereals, drinks, chocolates, snacks, olive oils and hampers as well as a variety of specialist cooking ingredients. Recipes are also featured giving ideas for cooking with some of the more sunusual ingredients.

Real Food Direct began life nearly ten years ago as a specialist food distribution company supplying products to delicatessens and farm shops. Many of their products feature in the better independent food shops.

"We decided to set up a direct sales website so that the general public could access our product range on-line especially for those too busy or too far away to track down" says managing director, Paul Hargreaves. "We are constantly telephoned by people who have bought one of our products while on holiday and were then unable to source it when they returned home."

Real Food Direct's products represent the best of the UK's cottage food industry with many still being literally handmade at the farmhouse table. "The website is enabling us to provide access for our 30 independent producers, such as small family businesses, to a wider UK customer base. It also offers our customers a real alternative to the mass produced foods found in the multiples," says Paul Hargreaves.

Real Food Direct has a wide range of organic foods and even supplies an Organic Hamper along with a variety of other hampers. The hampers are priced to complete favourably with the main hamper suppliers - but Real Food hamper contents are considerably larger and more interesting.

For further information, to receive free product samples or to receive photographs call Paul Hargreaves on 0118 956 7700 or e-mail