Chilli, pepper, garlic and turmeric figure in US patent 6207205 issued late March to three Patel residents of the US and India. Patel, meaning village-chief, is the ruling Class in Indian State Gujarat. Their invention, "Spicy popcorn with natural ingredients" is vulnerable to legal challenge as a mere combination of known concepts.

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    A method to prepare spicy popcorn with natural ingredients for providing a snack food. The ingredients are turmeric powder, red chili powder, black peppers, sea salt, garlic powder, penut or corn oil and chili powder.

First of 3 Claims:

Spicy, unpopped corn kernel composition consisting essentially of:

    unpopped corn kernels, pureed red chili powder and black peppers in an amount of about 35 percent by weight; garlic powder in an amount of 1-2 percent by weight; oil in an amount of 1-2.5 percent by weight, and turmeric powder in an amount of 11-17 percent by weight.

By Navroz Havewala, correspondent