At IBA 2000, Stable Micro Systems, the world-leading designer and manufacturer of texture analysis equipment for the food industry, is planning to launch a major new product designed to revolutionise product development and quality control. Further details are being kept under wraps until the show opens on 29 September.The current extensive range of test methods and accessories for the bakery industry will also be on show in Munich. Stable Micro Systems has developed comprehensive tools for the measurement of key properties such as dough stickiness, dough and gluten extensibility and biscuit hardness. These attachments are used with the TA.XT2i or the TA.HDi texture analysers, which are now found in major laboratories all over the world.Visitors will see live demonstrations of Stable Micro Systems' burst rig, recently launched to help manufacturers assess the firmness and tensile strength of tortillas. Processability and end-product quality can be significantly affected by these factors, but the simple penetration - extension test provides quick and reliable information which can be used to optimise both the recipe and processing conditions.Manufacturers looking for a simple test to assess the fracturability / break strength of cereal bars should look out for the three point bend rig. The cereal bar is positioned on two adjustable supports and the force and deformation required to snap it at its centre are measured - giving an indication of how easy it will be for consumers to bite into the product.