Sterling white sturgeon caviar is now available online at . The Sterling Caviar Store, an easy to follow new website for this highly praised caviar from California, enables U.S. consumers to order this premium delicacy direct from the producer. This new site goes beyond basic product description and pricing information to provide useful and educational information about caviar. Along with detailed product photos of Sterling Classic, Royal Black, Imperial and Premium caviar, the site provides caviar handling tips and numerous serving suggestions and recipes. In addition, browsers may scan a page describing the long, rich history of caviar, and more specifically learn how Sterling caviar is graded and processed. Sterling caviar is from white sturgeon farm-raised in California's central valley by Stolt Sea Farm, a world leader in aquaculture. The caviar is the result of an 8-10 year process solely controlled by Stolt from the hatchery through various stages to the mature fish. Experts recently claimed that Sterling caviar most closely resembles the Osetra and Beluga caviar from the Caspian Sea. Most important, Sterling caviar is from sustainable stock and its production does not impact the now-threatened Caspian Sea sturgeon stock. Once the order is placed, the appropriate grade is selected at Stolt Sea Farm and the caviar is individually packaged. Container sizes range from 1 oz. jars to 2.2 lbs tins. It is shipped to the consumer overnight in refrigerated boxes to further insure the product arrives in excellent condition.