Steven Seagal is to launch a new energy bar that is expected to appear in stores in the first quarter of 2005.

Actor and martial arts expert Seagal says the Pure Force Energy Bar is the result of his travels in Asia in search of ingredients believed to keep many locals disease-free for life. Seagal says he discovered the Tibetan goji berry while researching antioxidants in Mongolia. The berry, which contains cancer-fighting antioxidants, has been used by local physicians in herbal medicines for centuries.

"I have included in this bar everything I could to strengthen the body," Seagal said, adding that the bar also includes 15 grams of protein, 17 vitamins and minerals, calcium, iron, ginseng, and even green tea.

Seagal has partnered with a sales and marketing team led by Mitch Gould to form Steven Seagal Enterprises, which will distribute Pure Force to mass-market retailers.

"The feedback we are getting from buyers is phenomenal. The low-carb category has passed its peak and some of the low-carb products are not doing as well. Buyers want something different to replace them, and this is certainly different," Gould said.

The bar, which contains 170 calories, comes in two flavours: Chocolate Fudge and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

The company is already working on additional products to add to the energy line.