The STILTON US Information Bureau and the STILTON Cheese Makers' Association unveiled plans for a major consumer campaign for the year 2000. Through special events at the Summer Fancy Food Show (New York, July 9 -11, 2000), the trade will have the opportunity to learn more and make plans for the Autumn sales events. The consumer campaign is to run October 6 to 13, 2000 in selected sections of New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut and will fly under the banner of "Stilton Over Manhattan". Joanne Lenweaver of the STILTON US Information Bureau states, "The campaign name is inspired by the occurrence of the Fall Harvest; a wonderful time to enjoy Stilton in recipes with fresh vegetables, fruits and the new wines. Also, a full harvest moon is scheduled to rise over Manhattan (and everywhere else) during the campaign week."To celebrate this special occasion, one of the Stilton diaries, Long Clawson of Melton Mowbray, will be making six, special commemorative-sized Stiltons weighing almost 70 pounds (in contrast, a full Stilton is typically 17 lbs in weight.) These huge Stiltons will be available for viewing in the Tri-state area at select retailers to be determined. Special Recipe Handouts and Point of Purchase posters displaying the "Stilton Over Manhattan" look will be designed and distributed to all participating retailers. A special section of the Stilton web site (