Stonyfield, the largest organic yoghurt producer in the US, has joined forces with Danisco to boost its range of yogurt and yogurt beverages.

Danisco's probiotic culture, that now includes Howaru Rhamnosus, has been introduced into all Stonyfield's products, the company said today (11 August).

"We have formed a partnership with Stonyfield Farms," said Peggy Steele,
Probiotics global manager for Danisco. "We married our expertise in
probiotics and cultures with Stonyfield expertise in fresh dairy."

Danisco's Howaru range comprises the most documented probiotic strains commercially available worldwide, recognised for their immune-modulating properties and long-proven efficacy on gut health.

"We greatly appreciated Danisco's responsiveness and scientific expertise when we
decided to boost our entire range with the addition of Howarum to our proprietary
probiotic blend," said Kasi Reddy, senior vice president of research &
development at Stonyfield Farm. "It has allowed us to continue steering ahead of the market and helping our customers keep naturally balanced."