September has been named "National Food Safety Education Month" and The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company is reminding consumers to practice good food safety measures during the Labor Day weekend and throughout the year.Beginning September 11, 2000 and through the end of the month, Stop & Shop will offer free placemats to children. The placemats contain entertaining food safety activities. "It's never too early to start learning about food safety practices," said Kathleen Carroll, Stop & Shop's manager of consumer relations. "We felt that this would be a good way to introduce the importance of food safety to children," she added."Food safety is a top priority at Stop & Shop," said Carroll. "As many people prepare for the long weekend and the end of summer cookouts, we wanted to be sure that all our customers are aware of the food safety information that is available to them." Stop & Shop customers will find two different food safety brochures at the meat department entitled "Guide to Safe Handling of Ground Beef and Poultry" and "Thermy.""Fight Bac" brochures are available at check out or by calling Stop & Shop's consumer relations department at 1-800-767-7772. "Foodborne illnesses can be prevented by proper food handling and cooking," said Carroll. "We are happy to provide this educational information to our customers," she added.